Embryo Donation

Embryo donation is a form of third party reproduction. In vitro fertilization often results in a number of frozen, unused embryos after the woman for whom they were originally created has successfully carried one or more pregnancies to term.

In embryo donation, these extra embryos are given to other couples or women for transfer with the goal of producing a successful pregnancy. The resulting child is considered the child of the woman who carries it and gives birth, and not the child of the donor, the same as occurs with egg donation or sperm donation.

Typically, genetic parents donate the eggs to a Fertility Clinic or Embryo Bank where they are Cryogenically preserved until a carrier is found for them. Typically the process of matching the embryo(s) with the prospective parents is conducted by the agency itself, at which time the clinic transfers ownership of the Embryos to the prospective parents.

Women seeking to be an embryo recipient have to undergo infectious disease screening, as well as reproductive tests to determine the best placement location and cycle timing before the actual Embryo Transfer occurs. The amount of screening the embryo has already undergone is largely dependent on the Genetic Parents' own IVF clinic and process. The embryo recipient may elect to have further testing.

Please call and enquire should you are interested in the embryos donated by our donors.