How do we match you with a donor?

Your initial consultation will last approximately 45 minutes, and we ask that both husband and wife be present whenever possible. If you are a long distance from our consulting suite we arrange a telephone consultation where we ask that you call us at an agreed time.

Your consultation with Christine Freeman, our founder provides you with an opportunity to ask any and all questions regarding our Egg Donor Programme and how it works, the legal aspects of ovum donation and what to expect in your cycle.

We want to become familiar with you, including your personalities and interests, so that we can better match you with a donor.

Heart to ART strives to make the process of donor selection a personal and wonderful experience. The information provided about available donors is designed to give a profile which captures her personal qualities and unique spirit.

Following your initial consultation you will be provided the profiles of up to 10 suitable donors.

Our profiles include the following:-
Three generations of the donor’s medical and genetic history, family and mental health history, academic achievements.

Our donors undertake intense personal interviews regarding their personal, family life, personality and the qualities of their characters.

Additional photos of her and her family.

Recipients are often interested in our impressions of a particular donor, and we are happy to pass on the details of our interactions with our donors.

Browse through our selection of donors and call us if you want to know more about them.